Thursday, September 17, 2009

short post

hey peeps see how I'm when wear spec ! ahaha XD
look how ? nice or strange ? let me know har .
tell me the true me won hurt tiok d ! haha

just ended 2 exam papers in school .
don know how the result . I already try my best .
start form yesterday whole of my haed all are
"Kapten Hassan & Robinson Crusoe"
* actually they don know each other d ! XP
don know why the school wan us to learn about them .
already die d people also need to study . LOL !
start from tomorrow the holidays of Raya is begin .
whole week also don know can do what ?
study whole week ? cannot la will die d T.T
really don know wan do what . hais .

short post . updated soon !
* count down two days - my b'day lo .