Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Specially for the little one - Mocha Baby ♥

This is my new puppy! #teehee 
She is extremely CUTE!!! I crazy in  with her :)))
After some discussion, there have a list of name for her!
Donny, Mocha, Latte, Dick, Mumu and many more, lastly Mocha Baby is chosen!
 Thanks all suggestion from my friends. 
Yesterday is the 1st day Mocha Baby comes my house. Welcome Mocha Baby! 
Btw, she not so comfortable at my house and  I dunno why? so sad :s 
Maybe is because she just had injection or she not suit a new environment. I'm so worry about her.
I'm totally a beginner in take care a puppy, hopes I can done well lahh. 

A question here. 
What brand of shampoo should I bought for her? Any introduce?