Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I think this will be a pointless post . 
Last Tuesday and Wednesday, went for a leadership camp .
Nothing special , just show some picture at here ; dunno who is the camera man , anyways thanks ;D

spot me ! XD
Formal ; I still the shorter one DX 
Informal ? formal ? XP 
I know almost all of my teammate dy , if I wrong spell your name then sorry liao la :D 
Group 14 - November , Our leader is Zizi Ooi , Hason Chew , Lock Jiong You , Goh Jin Zhu , Kiki Teng , Hor Jia Wen , Qi Jia , Phoe Be , Yi Wen , Qian Wei , Wei Bin ....
My Fancie are Mabel Wong and Tan Yeng Yik , thanks them ;) 

Now is photo when the camp going through ... 
 I keep on calling he to ask question , finally he asked !! :PP 

Our turn to perform ; 
SuCheeNg , your Tan Soon Teck !!! 

Station games ;
play water ball ; haha . JiongYou will always remember XD 

I hate this game ! It let me fall down to the ground and so pain you know !!! roar !

 Our Best Camper : Zizi Ooi is giving speech :) 

That all .
I gonna go KL tonight to attend my Cousin Wedding , up coming post will be her wedding dinner , Tadaa ! xoxo