Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days in Grandmom's house

current FB profile picture ;D

Lets flash back to 18122011-22122011 <3 
I spent these lovely days with my relative at Klang there, #imissthemsomuch!
18122011 - Wedding Day of Cousin 
Wish you Happy Marriage, stay sweet sweet w/ your wife lah ;p
that day outfit. 

The bride and groom <3

Their room ; Sweet and warm 

Blogger w/ little nephew 
He is shooo cute! #lovediehim

Brother, YEAH! 

Mummy with brother and sister 
*they sayang their sister so much, I jealous she lohh XD 

again mummy w/ brother 

Blogger w/ another two niece :D *they are sister 

New born niece, 家璇
Welcome little girl!  
Daddy , the babysitter xD 
I can't hold she well so no change for me to hug she #so sad 

Sorry I forgot which day we done these so just enjoy photos :)
that day we ate our dinner at Dragon-I. Rate 7/10 
the foods are not as nice as what I expect but still okay lah
Highly recommended 小籠包 ! very nice! 

Spot my cute nephew! Hahah, Ilovehimtoo <3

Christmas feel ;)

Daddy and mummy

mummy and her 5th sister , my 5th aunt >,<

 Another day to Jusco, Shopping times! 
We had our tea time at Haagen-Dazs 
promoting the ice-cream :s 

 My favorite always is Chocolate ice-cream <3

w/ a cup of hot chocolate #sowarm

Sister prefer Orea one *I dunno the actual name 

Daddy drinking the strawberry drink, its taste like antibiotic please don't try >,< 

Grandmom, ily 

Sister w/ grandmom

blogger w/ mummy 

Mummy w/ grandmom 

the goods :D 
We had our dinner at dunno where = = 
The menu is all meat example like 叫化雞 叫化鴨 叫化豬肚 叫化豬腳
this is the place they use to bake 

When the foods take out from the "oven"


seriously not -very-delicious, please don't said until 天上有地下無 Okay?! 

--- skip the foods ---

22122011 - 冬至啦啦啦 
Hehe, grandmom is making TangYuan.
 Imformation from mom, grandmom dislike to make TangYuan one, but why lehh? I also dunno :s
Spot this! This is not TangYuan, its call DaYuan. Taste nice when eat w/ a kind of chinese biscuit. 

TangYuan & DaYuan XD 

These is all about my trip to Klang . stay tuned . 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Family Day

Forgive me for neglected my blog so long time :p Now I have the blogging mood #hehe
05122011 ; A simple and memorable family day <3 
First, we went Jusco for PETALING STREET WARRIORS. what a very funny movie, rate 8/10  

After movie section, we enjoy our tea-time at Tutti Futti ;D First try of it, rate10/10.
Photo shooting in there like nobody else there xoxo 
Daddy and blogger

Mummy and blogger

Blogger and sister, Zirou
Mummy recommended the original flavour yogurt. She said that Chocolate and other flavour yougurt just taste like all those ice-cream sell in supermarket.
Family day end up here because I have to attend tuition after that :( 
I enjoy my day, hopes you guys too <3 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fatty Boom Boom - Latte Boy

New member of my family, Welcome Latte! 
TYPE : Shetland Sheepdog 
AGE : sadly I dunno :s 

All member of my family keep on told me that he is very tame one, no need to scare him. 
 BUT he bark on me and I shouted :((( How bad is him! Dare bark to me this pretty master :p 
The reason he do so is because he want the foods from me TT 
Daddy said he is too fat dy, don't want to gave him too much of foods. 
Latte need to ON DIET dy, Hahah xD 
Don't hope me will gave you extra foods, who call you bully me :p:p 
Mom said all doggy also use Coffee name, they are Coffee's Family ;)
If there comes one more, dhen he/she will call Cappoccino. #hehe

A question here.
Why even Latte had bathed yet he is still so smelly?  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You are the apple of my eye ♥

Taken when hang out w/ Chee :D 

Recently all pupil are crazy w/ '那些年,我們一起追的女孩 You are the apple of my eye.' 
Include me #hehe
Unluckily this movie is 18pg one, BUT BUT BUT we always got way to settle this problem one.
Hahah, I already finished read its book! Its awesome! I decided to buy one to keep, got a bit crazy liao. :p 
Highly recommended to all! Must got one for yourself!

Theme song of this movie is 那些年 sang by 胡夏
Highly recommended too! Very super duper eh NICE!
End up with the them song and its lyric :))) 

又 回 到 最 初 的 起 点
记 忆 中 你 青 涩 的 脸
我 们 终 於 来 到 了 这 一 天
桌 垫 下 的 老 照 片
无 数 回 忆 连 结
今 天 男 孩 要 赴 女 孩 最 后 的 约

又 回 到 最 初 的 起 点
呆 呆 地 站 在 镜 子 前
笨 拙 系 上 红 色 领 带 的 结
将 头 发 梳 成 大 人 模 样
穿 上 一 身 帅 气 西 装
等 会 儿 见 你 一 定 比 想 像 美

好 想 再 回 到 那 些 年 的 时 光
回 到 教 室 座 位 前 后 故 意 讨 你 温 柔 的 骂
黑 板 上 排 列 组 合 你 舍 得 解 开 吗
谁 与 谁 坐 他 又 爱 着 她

那 些 年 错 过 的 大 雨
那 些 年 错 过 的 爱 情
好 想 拥 抱 你 拥 抱 错 过 的 勇 气
曾 经 想 征 服 全 世 界
到 最 后 回 首 才 发 现
这 世 界 滴 滴 点 点 全 部 都 是 你

那 些 年 错 过 的 大 雨
那 些 年 错 过 的 爱 情
好 想 告 诉 你 告 诉 你 我 没 有 忘 记
那 天 晚 上 满 天 星 星
平 行 时 空 下 的 约 定
再 一 次 相 遇 我 会 紧 紧 抱 着 你
紧 紧 抱 着 你

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Specially for the little one - Mocha Baby ♥

This is my new puppy! #teehee 
She is extremely CUTE!!! I crazy in  with her :)))
After some discussion, there have a list of name for her!
Donny, Mocha, Latte, Dick, Mumu and many more, lastly Mocha Baby is chosen!
 Thanks all suggestion from my friends. 
Yesterday is the 1st day Mocha Baby comes my house. Welcome Mocha Baby! 
Btw, she not so comfortable at my house and  I dunno why? so sad :s 
Maybe is because she just had injection or she not suit a new environment. I'm so worry about her.
I'm totally a beginner in take care a puppy, hopes I can done well lahh. 

A question here. 
What brand of shampoo should I bought for her? Any introduce?

Friday, October 28, 2011

A brand new header and a brand new ME

Teehee! A brand new blog header done by my sweetheart, ShyuenLynn. Thanks a lot! :D 
As the title, A brand new header and a brand new ME
There are so many things happened in this year and that is quite a big change for me but I think I should be able to handle cause I still owned a lots of friends. 
I told myself:" STOP thinking! look forward girl! :))  Let talk somethings relax. 
One week holidays will be end soon that means I will meet up my girls soon. 
Btw not yet year end holidays I already bored until BOOM! How can I survive when year end holidays? Anyone please date me out! Thousand thanks to them :p 
About one more week to go before my cute little puppy comes my house, so excited! 
What should I prepare for the little one? I not yet know what is its gender :S 
Its is poodle mix maltese's puppy, imagine how cute its is! I'll show you guys when its reach.
That all for this moment. *am I writing letter? 
Will updated the day I spend with the one tomorrow ; BYE ! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Left one more week before the Final Exam :(( I started feel nervous dy! 
Planned to start my revision now hope not too late for me. 
That somethings happened recently, dun ask me about that I refuse to answer you. 
Thanks a lot to Lynn and Chee for being with me when I'm down. Of course for those who cares me too, thank you! 
Fighting for the Final Exam before it ruin my life! Byeee :) 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

不管再怎麽不安   我还是不想放弃  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Talks !

Photo-talks post

I'm wearing the shirt which is Chee presented it for me when I'm 15 ;

Cousin's wedding :) 
The only rule on that day *

All of us ; 

Couple watch ! 

Their bed ;

My family w/ the bride and groom 

Blogger w/ the bride

Their rings, wish they stay sweet ♥

My little boy ♥ Miss he so much 

I should had posted these long time ago but due to some personal reason, it had been delay until now; enjoy its as I enjoy my days :)

End with my family photo