Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days in Grandmom's house

current FB profile picture ;D

Lets flash back to 18122011-22122011 <3 
I spent these lovely days with my relative at Klang there, #imissthemsomuch!
18122011 - Wedding Day of Cousin 
Wish you Happy Marriage, stay sweet sweet w/ your wife lah ;p
that day outfit. 

The bride and groom <3

Their room ; Sweet and warm 

Blogger w/ little nephew 
He is shooo cute! #lovediehim

Brother, YEAH! 

Mummy with brother and sister 
*they sayang their sister so much, I jealous she lohh XD 

again mummy w/ brother 

Blogger w/ another two niece :D *they are sister 

New born niece, 家璇
Welcome little girl!  
Daddy , the babysitter xD 
I can't hold she well so no change for me to hug she #so sad 

Sorry I forgot which day we done these so just enjoy photos :)
that day we ate our dinner at Dragon-I. Rate 7/10 
the foods are not as nice as what I expect but still okay lah
Highly recommended 小籠包 ! very nice! 

Spot my cute nephew! Hahah, Ilovehimtoo <3

Christmas feel ;)

Daddy and mummy

mummy and her 5th sister , my 5th aunt >,<

 Another day to Jusco, Shopping times! 
We had our tea time at Haagen-Dazs 
promoting the ice-cream :s 

 My favorite always is Chocolate ice-cream <3

w/ a cup of hot chocolate #sowarm

Sister prefer Orea one *I dunno the actual name 

Daddy drinking the strawberry drink, its taste like antibiotic please don't try >,< 

Grandmom, ily 

Sister w/ grandmom

blogger w/ mummy 

Mummy w/ grandmom 

the goods :D 
We had our dinner at dunno where = = 
The menu is all meat example like 叫化雞 叫化鴨 叫化豬肚 叫化豬腳
this is the place they use to bake 

When the foods take out from the "oven"


seriously not -very-delicious, please don't said until 天上有地下無 Okay?! 

--- skip the foods ---

22122011 - 冬至啦啦啦 
Hehe, grandmom is making TangYuan.
 Imformation from mom, grandmom dislike to make TangYuan one, but why lehh? I also dunno :s
Spot this! This is not TangYuan, its call DaYuan. Taste nice when eat w/ a kind of chinese biscuit. 

TangYuan & DaYuan XD 

These is all about my trip to Klang . stay tuned .