Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekly Updated

Me is active d member
sure got go la
then play at there whole day lo
with LiHong, Aiying N YingShing

Go camp with ZhiHang N JiaDih
Topic is
'人生 . 智慧 . 启航'

Tell you all a BIG things
Me and JiaDih CRY at there lo
but got a ppl that cold blood d
din cry at all pun

Nothing to write
give you all see picca
we all Just friend lo
don think too far

=Dlike pig? =]Me and Zhang Qun
he handsome anot???
EnLin N MeZiYang N Me =D
like my brother anot?

YongXian N me

ChiHong N me

RongYi N me

Me N ZhiWei

Me N WaiYin

ZiLing N me

M e m o r i e s