Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yesterday me moody . today me happy . =]
*got a bit siao siao liao
When I moody I feel that I'm not ALONE .
I still got my sista n my friend .
thank you all . I LOVE you .

During write this post I think a question .
if one day me lost all my sista n friend .
me will become how . 1st time me feel very scare .
scare to lost my sista. scare to lost my friend .
scare no people shared my happiness n sadness .
sista we 打勾勾 . we must do forever d sista oh .

your Dar Dar me okays liao la . xD
don worry me . me very fast recover d .
you also must do my darling forever oh . promise .

wan sleep le . tata .
short post here .