Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back ^

sleep . eat . watch TV . online . complete my homework .
hais . I keep repeat do the same things for a few days already .
damm boring stay at home . I wan go out !
my beloved daddy say now a day aH1N1 very dangerous .
so he said don let me go out w/ friend is for my own good .
I know that he loves me a lot . thank daddy ily ♥
but if I continue my days like that .
when open school me sure become FAT !
I don wan become fat . don wan !
me decide call my sister go do some exercise w/ me .
tomoro is EngAiying B'day .
happy birthday girl . hope always happy ^^
ps*miss my pig and sista exspesially Chee !

short post . bb .