Saturday, October 10, 2009

low mood DX

hey peeps! w/ damm low mood when i write this post.
my beloved sis zirou she pass the exam already.
the conclusion is she did it. can go there to study liao.
start from next year I will alone in house all the time DX

just now mummy ask me like that. 

mummy : yun ah! you wan go there or not?
ziyun : not already know cannot on last year meh?
mummy : can d la! you go study at another independent secondary school 1st la.
ziyun : har?! example?
mummy : the school your cousin study d la! 中华独中
ziyun : oh. then . . .
mummy : after one year change to the same school w/ your sis lo.
ziyun : see 1st la. there all use chinese d I scare I cannot adapt la.
mummy : won d la! go there you sure can get the 1st gok lo.
ziyun : I think 1st la.
mummy : or you stay here la if not left me and your daddy two ppl nia.
ziyun : stay here and always argue w/ you meh!
mummy : at least got ppl argue w/ me mah!
ziyun : lolz. . .
mummy : you have to be more independent.
end chat . . . 

somebody teach me how to do?
how can I be more independent? 
why must leave me alone?