Friday, October 16, 2009


finally I'm back to my bloging world again !
today i skip the school cause scare spot check .
I cant get the ways to tell ah Chee . sorry har .
she scold me leave she alone at school arh .
last time she also mah . we just do the same things . blek !
at last i noe she also will forgive me d la ! haha XD
today even i din go school . but still know all my marks .
cause my beloved Chee help me check all and sign oh !
thanks you a lots lo ! ily muaks !

my result
bm - 56 
i hate the teacher lo ! don wan add marks for me !
english - 73
chinese - 78
science - 81
sej - 84
sivik - 70
kh - 58
less one question then can pass liao d =(
math - 62
kelvin, kenneth, chyh kun n chee
thanks these guys ! if not them i sure cant pass in average of whole year !
geo and seni i din take the exam cause 'sick' on that day ! ahaha

recently i will think who will be my classmate next year .
will it be almost the same or all different ?
a bit worry if no friend in class then how leh ?
haha . i think i got a bit siao siao liao think this things so early .

have to go now . bye peeps !