Sunday, April 18, 2010

sukan Tahunan

how long time did i disappear ? 
new blog skins again
let talk about sukan tahunan held on 17/4
I'm the Pengawas Sukan ! 
reach school around 6.30 a.m. 
count the latest one liao >< 
my babes and friend reach more more early 
1st time i din took any pic on such meaningfull day
I use up all energy just for do ma jobs *clap
but but but xDDD
at least m babes Chee and Lynn had help me capture ma hubby 
thanks a lot to them * muaksss
stay at school till 2p.m. 
so that i still got enough time to meet ma hubby 
back to WanyinT's house 
spent whole afternoon just for sleeping with she X) 
we are frikin tired after a busy morning 
mummy come fetch me on 8p.m.
finish up ma dinner and go bed
I become more black >< 
luckily no more sukan days for PS 
if not i will become an indian soon xP 
end ma post here .
buhbye =")