Friday, April 30, 2010

updated all once

due to ma pc problem
i already disappear in internet world about 4 days
I'll share those days with you guys now
so lets cover back all those days memories

the JSCO concert
as a 'ahli mati' of this uniform body
i also very 'give face' liao still got go their concert X)
keep snap photo that day , photo speak now

at the bus gambling * the things they do always
got a bit blur cause the bus is moving XP

the emo one that day , he miss his GirlF too much

the pretty one , she is the reason why i will go

ma beloved brother

with Jared Ong , he look so angry XD

key chain do with lynn them

ticket for 8 of us

the last one - me !

lalala ~
i had update le lorh . no more complain