Sunday, November 8, 2009


hey peeps ! I'm fine now !ahDar thanks for worry about me ! ily !
they tell me angry too many will old more faster . @@
so i decide don angry he le ! haha !
me good hor XP * cause wan stay young mah .

I wan to show somethings to your . SEE CLEARLY !

see what in my hand ! xoxo
is a little duck . it is super duper cute !
let you see more pic of them ! =)

when they feel cold they will squeeze together d lo !
damm cute ! I ask daddy to give me one .
he said cannot this is form a patient for the chinese doctor d . lolz .
sad nia ! I wan one only mah also cannot . sob DX
i play wif them till they become a present give people . hehe .
hope the chinese doctor take good care if them . bye little duckS .

I go bath lo 1st ! bye peeps !