Thursday, November 19, 2009

simply updated ~ clean dust xDDD

tag reply ~

chee: wat sai lal the link?
aiyo you can don so rude or not ar !
wanyin: Babe relink me . i chged my link leh . xD . ily
kays ! relinked already =)
chew wan: yun hope we can still same class nxt year..stay together wif u , tying wei n chee in tis year very happy,i won forget our happy memories and 2B4/2009... :glad:
wan i also hope ! and why chee got more benefit d ??? not fair lo you ahaha xD
chee: very touch okat tis article! u is wan ah chee cry ya?
no la . who wan you cry wor . ZZZ
eeinn: also touched lah babe. XD ily too.
ily babe ! muaks ! xD
josephine: lol u have been TAGGED.
thanks ! xD
Lynn: the ducks ,quakk quakk xD
ahaha ~
xiawen: i love your blogskins. <3333
thanks <3
wanyin: zha bor i miss you XD
babe i miss you too ~
josephine: linked u too xDDD
relinked lo ~
josephine: 9s blog xdDD
thanks you lo ~
sookming: viewed ! =D
reviewed le xD
ahyun: wow, u updated liao ar.. then i must update too. haha XD
haha ~ I'm waiting you =)

simply updated
will updated more when holidays
bye peeps