Sunday, January 17, 2010


long time i been forgot my cbox reply liao ? 
i also duno how long le laa . 
now i reply all sekali gus XD 

 fang: gurl,be happy larh:)
thanks girl . i will be happy d =)
yeteng: cheer up barh !
let us cheer up together !
WeiKhoon: I am here to cheer you up XD
thanks you for been here X)
chee: luh..duno wat to talk !
hahaa . mah dun talk lo .
tzexian: ello passed by =)
thanks for view . XD
zhenlin: babe apasai u ? Tell me n cheer !!~
you too busy le laa how to tell . i will cheer d =)
Lynn: babe ,i'm here .find me when u feel hopeless
thanks babe ! i've find you .
yeesan: Ah gurl gurl , smile =) Evy Thing will b fine since u keep a pretty mood =] muackzz <333
thanks big sis ! muaks !
cathy: babe you can be tough , because you own us :)
yaa . i can d cause the present of yours .
wanyin: Cheer up . i love you :heart:
kays . ily too .
ahyun: cheer up Dar. hope everything will ok soon.
thanks dar . ily .
xiawen: CHEER UP BABEH :heart:
thanks babe ! you also be happy yaa .
fang: happy new year!!cheer;)
happy new year . thanks .
yeteng: cheer larh ! lend you my shoulder larh XDD
thanks for your shoulder XPP
xueyong: babe cheer
thanks babe !
caihui: girl, cheer up !
thanks you .
sookming: cheer cheer CHEER ! ;]
okays ! thx lo .
Lynn: wad alone pulak ,us till got me lalalala xD
okay okay i got you gokk =)
giny: happy new year ya!!dun sad la u not sit v me we oso sit nearby la!!><
hehe . okays laa XD 

finish reply lur . hehee