Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 week holidays

I'm here , ready to update my holidays life :)) 
at my soon post , I had say about my 1st and 2nd day holidays . 
now start my story from the 3rd day .


this day quiet simple , only TUITION 
spend 3 hour on that *sienz 
I eat my favorite seafood as my dinner that day XD 

Today go Jusco with hang , we meet yin and cathy at there *accidently 
so we watch shrek forever after together . 

this movie got a bit bored actually.



go yin's house meet w/ BB ♥ and Jared them 
watch a horror movie at there *scare die me
luckily got BB w/ me ;) 
keep chating after movie until 9++ just went back .

SKIP activity of the day 
* I wanna forget about it , dun ask me why . thanks

the day my grandmother comes . 
long time din see she since the last time we meet on CNY 
she already 82 year old but look younger 
she will stay here for 3 days 2 night 

actually i should go Padang besar today 
due my laziness , i din go w/ my family 
later I went sunway w/ hang pula =)) 
go do spot light the whole day and watch prince of the Persia 
 the main characters 
the movie is niceee but I'm freeze inside the cinema . LOL 
Tuition , no different . 

yin's house again , when night went CK BBQ 
we celebrate eeinnT coming back and b'day 
and and and  today BB finally back from camping . wee ~ 
more detail on this day can go see yin's blog

din went any place in these days .

Tomorrow reopen school , see you guys soon .
wuhooo  ~ can meet up w/ all ma babes *miss
END my post here . bye