Tuesday, December 7, 2010


First, I wanna say Happy B'day to my Papa ;
today is his 44 years OLD B'day
I'm trying to find somethings interested to update, but no idea at all
Mom said on this Friday and Thursday will had a trip, location want think by myself T.T
what place can play for 2days 1night ? very less la.
keep thinking where can I go leh ??? anyone can kindly help me ?
nothings wanna post ; bye peeps stay tuned !

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Jiasim : viewed 

 Thankss :)

wanyin : Next week 16 & 17 im going to cameron ! haha
sad, I can't go on that time .

chee : lalala; cheer !!! x'mas we go out to celebrate !!!!!!
okie dokie ! 

Yiing : Dropped by
Welcome =D

S-lynn : Cheer up lady
I will , thanks :D

zhenchao : viewed you also cincai cincai uodate
hahaha ;

S-Lynn : viewed
welcome and Thanks ;)

Ffang : Hoho. viewed ! nice picts ^^ .
Thank you ;

chee : finally updated ;but where u go to find a teacher?
haha , how I know if know then I no need find liao la XD 

xiawen : Viewed !
Thanks for view ;