Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to school !

Hey readers ! :D I back to school on today without any reason , but when I told mama wanna go I seen got so many reason , lols 
Meet w/ Lynn, Hang and Yin at pasar , Xiawen fail to come due to some reason ; we keep on chit-chat and wait for them to finish their breakfast before we head of to school . Lynn and Hang become super fans when they saw ShaoJun , I think I found the reason why I go school , hahahs 
We went classroom to snap photo as usual . I also bought a pair of Jit Sin High School brand's socks , after that Wanyin's mom come fetch we two back her house . Ate Chicken rice as lunch , thanks Auntie . Back my sweet home around 2p.m.. Photo times ! 
Four of us :D 
Look their face , hahaaa...
Keep on zi4pai1
We found this too ! 
Toilet door become iron and school's toilet change become jail's toilet
They're as busy as the bee

End w/ my pretty face *shy