Thursday, December 16, 2010


up side down ;

Hi readers! :DD 
I know you guys miss me, right ? So I come to update more , heeheee 
Today I hear a news, it really is 晴天霹雳 for me; I think for all student sitting for PMR on 2010 
the result will come out on 23th of DEC, this means the die line for us to enjoy our holidays ??? SOB
isn't really or just guessing ? how should I face the result ? how it will be ? straight A or F ? 
There are so many question that was no answer for me ; Omg, how how how ? I keep on asking HOW ? >,< 
If the result is sh*t, then how will my Christmas date become ? Cancel ? or still can go on ? 
ROAR, I'm so nervous ! 

p/s* God bless me ! 
p/s** Amitoufo, Aleluya, Allah  ;)